A Heartwell Ending

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While sharing the stage with such bands as As Cities Burn, Bleed The Dream, The Hoods, Sinai Beach, Bleeding Through, Maxeen, The Adolescents, As Hope Dies, and I am Ghost, the members of A Heartwell Ending are no strangers to the versatility of the modern independent music scene. The phrase "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" is one that the band knows far too well. With its share of lineup changes the band has only progressed further by adding better musicianship and work ethic paving the way. All six members (Justin,Jason,Robert,Brandon, Bret, and Will) reside in Long Beach CA where they met through previous bands. They believe with hard work and dedication comes opportunity, and when that opportunity arises there is no telling how far they will take it.


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    If looks could kill you'd be a murderer,
    maybe just a whore, maybe you're a.
    If looks could kill you'd be a murderer,
    maybe just a whore.
    maybe just a whore
    If Looks Could Kill  -  95,514 plays
    Why I know everything changes tonight
    Why though, does everything get me
    Tonight I'll be waiting, tonight I'll be looking
    I'm taking my chances
    I'm running with everything that i get from you
    Give up To Give In  -  32,167 plays
    Shes got me lookin' past the sight
    of all of her sober directions fading.
    Retrace your footsteps, their baiting
    part of me for the ones that are the same.
    Now that you see that I'm on your mind.
    Memory  -  33,281 plays
    All these bottled up emotions swell inside my head
    Feelings never felt before makes me wonder
    Makes me wonder why?
    Why I'm even here I'll try
    Got to find a way outside
    From Heart And Soul To Pen And Paper  -  25,100 plays
    I can't believe my ears
    Or how you'd ever found out
    Those were the lies that came out of your mouth
    I've been crying way too long
    Lying here without you
    All Along  -  23,346 plays
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