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213 is a hip hop collective from Long Beach, California, comprised of Nate Dogg, Warren G and Snoop Dogg, and in the early stages Nate's cousin Lil 1/2 Dead was also part of the group. In 1993 Snoop and Nate were signed to Death Row Records, ending the group but in 2004 they reunited for their only studio album The Hard Way, which reached #4 on the Billboard 200. The band name comes from the US area code 213, which used to be the area for Long Beach but is now the area code for downtown Los Angeles.


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    (Snoop Dogg)
    Ya! welcome to da church volume II exclusive 213
    (hah hah) my nephew Nate Dogg in da house
    Nate Dogg holla at 'em where u at
    So Fly  -  178,871 plays
    Snoop Dogg, Snoop Doggy Dogg, what's up?
    What's up, bitch? It's Rick James, it's Rick James, bitch
    How the fuck you gon' do maryjane without me?
    One of the best singer's, one of the best lookin' motherfucker's
    One of the best most talented motherfucker's ever in music
    Rick James (Interlude)  -  50,969 plays
    (Snoop Dogg)
    A pool party at the church
    G'd up and others barbequeing
    Ain't no telling what your daddy and your momma doing
    Chewing on these baby-backs popping bottles with these macks
    Another Summer  -  53,858 plays
  4. Groupie Love  -  44,975 plays
    (Chorus - Nate Dogg)
    One for the treble, two for the bass
    She's my beauty queen, she's my everything
    When I wake up in the morning gotta get that thing
    This is where I wanna be with Mary Jane (sweet Mary Jane)
    Mary Jane  -  41,407 plays
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