12 Rounds

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12 Rounds are a band from Nothing Records, Trent Reznor's (Nine Inch Nails) label. Their combination of goth, trip-hop and alternative rock borrows from the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cranes or Whale but still sounds fresh and intriguing, much due to Claudia Sarne's deep and absorbing vocals.


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    Dawn breaks twice and I breathe awhile
    If I could speak, I would make you smile
    And you'd be free watching over, over me
    But it's always in my head
    All those times you wished me dead
    Come On In Out Of The Rain  -  16,701 plays
    Lulu's in the back room
    Screaming in her cell
    I'd like to switch her off
    But I don't feel so well
    You could move closer
    Pleasant Smell  -  20,621 plays
  3. Something's Burning  -  19,140 plays
    He is down on bended knee
    And that's all very well
    Like to live with you someday
    I think that would be swell
    I love the way you kicked my face in
    Sunshine  -  13,243 plays
    Red is calling in the dead of night
    I can hardly wait
    Head is spinning I just don't feel right
    Something that I ate
    Saw you falling fell from so high
    Me Again  -  13,102 plays
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