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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead is an indie rock band which formed in 1994 in Austin, Texas, United States. The band currently consists of Conrad Keely (vocals, guitar, drums), Jason Reece (vocals, guitar, drums), Autry Fulbright II (bass) and Jamie Miller (drums, guitar). As of 2011, the band has released seven albums: "...And You Knows by the Trail of Dead" (1998), "Madonna" (1999), "Source Tags & Codes" (2002), Worlds Apart (2005), "So Divided" (2006), "The Century of Self" (2009) and "Tao of the Dead" (2011).


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    Are you asleep, are you in a dream? Distant lights beckon & fade Unwritten songs of another day I fear that you would never be The copper shades of a morning You cursed the worlds I longed to save Every song in the world for me I took your hand, led you astray Is heaven to you a perfect place? That some of us will never see The look of sorrow on a sufferer's face? A field of lives to sow and reap Why is it I don't feel the same? Why is a song a world for me? For not seeing heaven like you would see; Are my longings to be blamed What is forgiveness? What is forgiveness? It's just a dream. It's everything.
    Another Morning Stoner  -  630,497 plays
    It was there that I saw you As evening sighs, Let me come and have my leis And it was there that I came Rises up against the sky-line You were fair and fey as a sun that evil day We were bold and life was great But as time went on I wondered what became of you I wondered what was wrong And let me melt in the heat of your gaze Let me hold you in my arms dear Let our sense of selves decay And let the clock strike one, Time and mind go marching on It was there that I saw you In the heat of a summer's embrace I wondered what went wrong But as time went on
    It Was There That I Saw You  -  458,271 plays
    Looking back in time
    Through verses set in nursery rhyme
    At oil painted eyes
    Of muses left behind
    I swear I know not why
    How Near How Far  -  491,006 plays
    The only sin in this world of pain In this world of heartache The only sin in this world unjust In this world of shame In this world distrusting In this world of lust The only sin in this world corrput Where passions erupt Is a crime And end abrupt Its eyes, with no great evils shine With no great gestures cry Here among all the vicious beasts With their blood lust feast Here among poison viper's bite Ordained by black priests A police gunfight In the unknown night Is a man With no great master plan No deadly weapon clutching in his hand You'll never see the light In the darkest night Never see the light Never see the light If you're one of the boring ones When the boredom comes The only crime in this violent place Where loves disgraceful With lies two faced And wasted lives Crimes committed with sharpened knives Of those who are forced And murder the peace dove There is no higher calling from above To shove Quell this appetite You'll never see the light Never see the light Never see the light When you're one of the boring ones When the boredom comes
    Baudelaire  -  369,682 plays
    Close the door and drift away
    Have faded out of reach.
    Into a sea of uncertainty
    Where all your hopes and dreams
    Remember all the bad dreams
    Will You Smile Again?  -  481,356 plays
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