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Valentin Strykalo (born Yury Kaplan, in October 2, 1988, Zaporozhie, Ukraine) is a rising star of Ukrainian alternative music scene. Yuriy's fictional character, Valentin Strykalo, was first introduced to public in the dawn of 2008 through a series of vlog-styled humorous videos. He presented himself as a young musician, claiming to be a talented performer and a singer-songwriter from a small village in Zhytomyrskiy region, Ukraine. Each of his videos addressed one of the xUSSR pop-stars, including Timati, Vyacheslav Malezhik, duo of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih and PHARAOH. Each video consisted of a small introduction; a song, written and performed in a key, vaguely resembling the addressed artists style; and the closing piece, where songwriter was asking to contact him for further details. Despite the introductory part of the videos, where Valentin appeared to be very shy, stuttering and hesitant, the songs where composed and performed skillfully and with a flavor of a professional musician.


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