Originally «:TREMOR » was created as total project of legendary Belgorod bands «Popcore Experience» and «Cataracta» in 2004, March. These bands started in 1993-1995, with efforts to create the common band with Andrey Kolesnikov aka Dron (the member of «Popcore Experience» since 1995), Alexander Naumenko aka Alex (the member of «Popcore Experience» since 1995) and Alexander Cheremisov aka Morton (the member of «Cataracta» since 1996). 10 years have passed and brand new project was started. Firstly, we decided to play some kind of unusual funny music with minimum of lyrics filled with sarcasm. Since August till November 2004 we have recorded a 12-songs demo «S Dnyom Rojdeniya Milaya! (Happy Birthday, Darling!)». Extremely talented composer and guitar player from Belgorod, Artyom Bankin helped us to record this album. 50 self-made copies were given for free during the presentation concert.

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