Free 10-Song Holiday Playlist Spiced With Pop, Soul And Rock

The Spotlight

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Well, nothing says “I love you” like a DIY mixtape-style playlist.

From Modern Holiday Songs to Classics Reimagined, in today’s Spotlight we bring you the greatest gift of all: a free playlist featuring’s best holiday music all wrapped together and ready for download! Plus, we also throw in a head-banging rendition of “White Christmas” from a former NIN member. Can you guess who?

His name is Ralf Dietel, ex-NIN guitarist who now records under the name KRASHKARMA with drummer and vocalist Niki Skistimas. Recently they released a debut record called Straight to the Blood which is packed with stomping beats, shredding guitars and Niki’s sinister vocals. Get a peek of their music here, and take home a special holiday treat seasoned just the way Marilyn Manson would like, dark around the edges.

Download below!


℗ 2011 Musebox

And…now for the playlist!

1. Celestial Aeon Project: “Desert Village”
2. Antoine Smith: “A Wish Under A Christmas Tree”
3. Lisa Lavie: “Only Heaven Will Know”
4. Tasha Taylor: “Merry Christmas Baby”
5. Casey Shea: “A Very Merry Christmas”
6. Taylor Berrett: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
7. Anders Tengdahl: “Christmas Carol”
8. Jason Morris: “Twangles, The Christmas Squid”
9. Mono:Poly: “Merry Xmas!”
10. The Gothard Sisters: “Carol of the Bells”

℗ 2011

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